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Thursday, 24 September 2009
I am compelled to make you aware of something I was gratefully made aware of myself. Last Monday I attended the global premier of the film The Age of Stupid ( I attended on the recommendation of Thom Yorke, the musician I most admire.

My expectations were low but the film moved me to action in a way no other film has. It's time to take climate change off the back burner.

While set from the perspective of a post-apocalyptic 2055, the film is not really about the inevitable end of human civilisation in our lifetime. The story that is told is the story of today, right now, and it couldn't be more relevant or engaging. For me, being moved to act through the film is not so much an endorsement of the apocalypse as it is an endorsement to quit procrastinating and stand up to ignorance, apathy and greed.

I hope you do have a chance to see the film, but even if you do not, you should know that global scientists seem certain that we have to curb and begin to reduce our present emissions trends by 2015, only five years from now. Given the enormity of the task, there is a global consensus that the true deadline is the meeting in Copenhagen in December for a new climate treaty (that's only a couple months away). Put in perspective, we can think of these deadlines as tomorrow and the one thing that puts a procrastinator like me into action is a deadline. My position on global warming used to be that if somebody asked, I would choose the environment over my stuff and my way of life. Now I'm no longer waiting for somebody to ask.

I can think of at least two fairly simple steps that you and I can do today to have a global impact.

The first is to go to and sign the petition by clicking on the banner near the top of the page where it says "I am ready." Obama and Congress (or whomever is your head of state and legislative body) need to know that they have our support, that Americans are willing to sacrifice some of the comforts and indulgences we have grown accustomed to. This statistic needs to be large enough to drown out loud and well-paid lobbyists.

The second is to just plain cut back on our personal energy consumption, right now. And I don't just mean saving a little CO2 by not driving a gas guzzler while we wait for new technology that might allow us to continue our gluttonous energy use without guilt. I mean that maybe if we all turned our lights off when we didn't need them and used the air conditioner less, etc. that the demand for energy could be brought down. If we used less energy, the argument over whether to build new coal-fired power plants would become unnecessary.

Consider taking the 10:10 pledge (, a pledge to reduce personal emissions by 10% in 2010. The steps that the plan asks us to take are entirely do-able. The campaign currently targets residents and organisations in the UK but the ideas are still entirely applicable to the US and elsewhere. I've taken the pledge.

Anyway, this is all I will say about this here. Nobody talked me into this cause - they just directed me to the film, as I am directing you now.

Here's to being Not Stupid,



At 30/9/09 09:55, Darren @ TckTckTck said...

Thanks very much for writing about the campaign, and glad you enjoyed the movie!

At 30/9/09 10:55, Gershwin said...

Thank you.

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